Cristina and Aurélien Budzinski

Dog Behaviourists, Researchers




Cristina and Aurélien Budzinski, certified by Turid Rugaas, have been conducting field studies in France for years, measuring dogs' pulse and observing their behavior. With their combined experience in dog training and data collection from various dogs, they discovered fascinating facts about dogs' natural behavior and motives. The Budzinskis prioritize understanding and strive to learn more about every aspect of a dog's life, including behavior, physiology, and psychology. They aim to observe dog behavior in-depth and offer a new perspective on how dogs feel, emphasizing the role of emotions in their lives.

At The Heart of the Walk: The Impact of Walk Quality on a Dog's State and Behavior

IIn this conference, Cristina and Aurélien will present the results of one of their field studies about the walk of the dog, They were able to compare the impact of the length of the leash, and while they measured the dogs’ pulse, they also observed some very common behaviours in dogs and how these affected the dogs’ pulse. By understanding how the dog physiology works and how his pulse varies, this conference gives a glimpse of how dogs are feeling and why they are doing some of the behaviours studied.