Anastasiya Favstova

Veterinary Neurologist and Behaviorist


Dog Science Club member



In the middle school Anastasiya decided that she wanted to help animals, and for the past seven years, she has been living her dream by working in veterinary clinics. Three years ago, with an A+ diploma in hand, she began treating neurological patients. During her university studies, Anastasya became interested in animal behavior and ethical interactions with them, inspired by a lecture from Ludmila Konikova. Since then, she has attended various lectures and seminars and had the luck of interning with Ludmila at Beliy Klyk. Anastasya continues to develop her skills in this field by studying environmental modification, behavior correction, and medication therapy selection. Anastasya also works in MRI, which allows her to look inside the brain. At home, Anastasiya has two wonderful mixed-breed cats and Maltese dog, all of which were abandoned by their previous owners due to health issues.

Oh, Those Genes... How Genetics Influence Our Dogs' Behavior

In her presentation, Anastasia will delve into the extent to which genetics can influence behavior, particularly in cases of behavioral problems. She will explore genetic disorders in behavioral medicine and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of using genetic testing to predict and prevent future issues. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between genetics and behavior and the potential applications of genetic testing in veterinary medicine. This presentation is suitable for those interested in the intersection of genetics and animal behavior.