Tamara Idrisova

Applied Animal Behaviorist

Dog Trainer




Tamara Idrisova has been a dog behavior specialist since 2010. Her career in dog training began with leading groups in traditional dog training courses, but over time she came to adopt a more humane approach and ethical attitude towards animals. In her work, Tamara combines modern knowledge about dogs and their behavior from various fields, such as biology, neurophysiology, and ethology, with her extensive personal experience working with dogs and helping owners to establish a mutual understanding with their pets. She is committed to helping owners understand their dogs' behavior and learn how to communicate with them in a more effective and harmonious manner.

Hooray! We're Going To the Doctor! Stress-free Veterinary Visits

In her presentation, Tamara Idrisova will share her insights on how to reduce the stress of veterinary clinic visits for both dogs and their owners. Drawing on her experience and knowledge, she will provide advice on how to prepare properly for such visits, how to behave while in the clinic, and how to address any behavioral issues that may arise in dogs. Tamara will also discuss what constitutes an ideal doctor's visit and offer valuable tips for making the clinic experience more enjoyable and secure for all involved.