Ekaterina Kastritskaya

Psychologist, Applied Animal Behaviourist

Poland - Belarus



Ekaterina Kastrytskaya is a specialist in animal behavior and consults pet owners all over the world. She works with both adopted and street dogs. She is the author of articles on pet care, training, behavior, and welfare. She is also a mentor for the online course "The Truth about Cats and Dogs" at the University of Edinburgh. Ekaterina is a co-author and author of the books "There is no such thing as a bad dog breed", "How to Choose a Dog and Not Regret It", and "Congratulations, You're Getting a Puppy!"

What Does It Take to Be Happy? The Influence of a Dog's Well-Being on Their Behaviour

The axiom states: "Under normal conditions, a normal animal behaves normally." However, the concept of "normality" differs among various pet owners, and each interprets it in their own way. Nevertheless, there is a formula that describes the minimum set of conditions that every owner must provide for their dog. This presentation will explain how the concept of animal welfare came about, what it entails, why it is necessary, and how behavioral problems in dogs are related to living conditions. It will also discuss the relationship between the mental state of caregivers and the well-being/behavior of their pets.