Lyudmila Konikova

Veterinary Neurologist and Behaviorist


Dog Science Club member


Lyudmila Konikova is an experienced neurologist who specializes in electroneurodiagnostics, behavioral veterinary medicine, and the treatment of behavioral problems in animals. She helps pet owners deal with issues such as compulsive disorders, fears, phobias, nervousness, anxiety, panic, strange behavior, and aggression. Additionally, she is skilled in diagnosing and treating neurological pathologies, including chronic epilepsy. Lyudmila is an active participant in professional communities and serves as an organizer of the Cat-Friendly Association in Russia. She is also a frequent lecturer at conferences on veterinary neurology and behavioral medicine. Lyudmila takes a pet-friendly approach to animals and helps create a favorable environment for pets in their homes.

Hold Me If You Can! Hyperactivity and Reactivity from a Veterinary Neurologist's Perspective

The problem of canine hyperactivity is increasingly prevalent in today's fast-paced urban settings. It has become a subject of discussion among canine professionals, owners, and veterinarians alike. Determining the threshold between normal behavior and hyperexcitability often sparks debates. Is heightened excitability a characteristic of a spirited terrier or does it indicate a pathological condition similar to ADHD in humans, as described in literature?

During this presentation, we will explore the complexities surrounding excessive dog arousal and shed light on this issue.