Anne Lill Kvam

Cetrified Dog Behaviourist




Nowadays, I am ruled, trained and daily washed by a wonderful Icelandic Sheepdog named Tyra. Before her, there was «always» dogs in my life, ever since I managed to convince my parents to let me have one when I was 8. I got an Australian terrier for my birthday. A very wilful and troubled little dog, but back then in the 60’s the tolerance for dogs’ behaviour was far higher than what we see today. I would read any dog magazine or book I came across and this was my true passion, and still is today. Although I am much more picky nowadays. When I was young, I showed two dogs to become beauty Champions at conformation shows, I had a short career in obedience competitions, and in utility competitions. After I discovered the magic and mutual pleasure of tracking and other search games, I left obedience and conformation shows for good. And I still do something search wise with my dog every day. Now, after Covid regulations are being lifted around the world, I am travelling, giving workshops and IDTE’s many places. Dog trainer education is ongoing in Mexico and Taiwan, and plans to start up other places are under considerations. And I am always open minded about new places to go, so maybe I come to you, if you ask me.

Joy for the Nose: Sniffing Games and How to Teach Them

I shall go through a selection of sniffer games, giving short explanations on how to get started on each one, and giving information on where to find advice for to get more advanced.

My selection will be 

•        Treat search - variations
•        Teddy search 
•        Enriched environment
•        Tracking 

I will explain which one is good for which type of behaviour, and which to avoid. 
I shall show a little bit of scientific evidence that this will help changing behaviour, and share my own experiences from my work with dogs and people around the world.