Ekaterina Nigova

Veterinary Nutritionist

Vice President of the Russian Society of Veterinary Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition




Ekaterina Nigova is a veterinary doctor and a nutritionist at Skolkovo Vet Hospital. She is also the Vice President of the Russian Society of Veterinary Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, and a regular participant in veterinary conferences in Russia since 2015. She has led the Dietology section at the Companion Forum and teaches nutrition courses at the Central Veterinary Station.

Food Allergy: Identify and Neutralize

Ekaterina Nigova's presentation is dedicated to the topic of food allergies in dogs. The presentation will cover various issues related to the manifestation of this disease in animals. The speaker will provide a detailed explanation of the mechanisms of food allergy and intolerance, as well as whether these conditions are synonyms. The presentation will also address the question of the term "hypoallergenic" and how it relates to food allergies in dogs.