Elizaveta Orekhova

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer.




Elizaveta found her calling in the profession due to her own challenging dog. Through dedicated efforts, her canine companion has transformed into a well-behaved and travel-friendly companion. Elizaveta specializes in addressing separation anxiety and provides consultations on a wide range of dog-related topics. She is the founder of the popular online academy for conscious dog training, "PRO CONTACT," which has attracted over 5000 students. Additionally, Elizaveta has designed a line of anatomically crafted harnesses called "PRO COMFORT."

The Perfect Recall: Becoming More Appealing to Your Dog than a Squirrel!

Join us as we delve into the factors influencing a dog's consistent recall in various situations. By understanding your dog's motivation in each scenario, we will explore how offering diverse rewards can heighten your dog's desire to return to you unfailingly.

Furthermore, we will share five simple and enjoyable games that will effectively "program" your dog to eagerly sprint towards you whenever they hear the "cue word."