Aina Pahomova

Behaviourist and welfare specialist for cats, dogs, rabbits and rodents

Latvia, UK


Aina Pahomova, BSc (Hons) – has a bioveterinary science degree (UWE), is a student member of APBC. She is an international researcher in animal health and behaviour. Aina has conducted local research about the welfare of cats in shelter conditions and research about bacterial infections in domestic guinea pigs. She has managed an emergency veterinary support-chat to aid pet guardians affected by the war in Ukraine. Currently working on an international project about street cats and collecting data for research about the body language of dogs and cats. Aina lives in Wales with a cat Luna and a dog Ivy.

"Why does a dog bite? Reasons and research of this behaviour" 


Often in our society, a dog bite is perceived as a direct evidence that the animal is a threat. Such superficial judgements about a dog's behaviour can lead to cruel training methods, abuse, dog rehoming, abandonment or euthanasia. Every behaviour has an underlying reason. Our task, as specialists and guardians, is to understand why the dog resorts to biting, and what role the human plays in the incident. It is also important to understand how can you protect the dogs themselves from the consequences, and how to prevent attacks on people or other animals without harming the dogs’ well-being. What skills are needed for a person to understand, recognise and interpret canine signals of discomfort, stress and aggression. All these topics will be discussed in the lecture, including the latest scientific research on dog bites and attacks.