Karina Pintiyskaya

Applied Dog Behaviorist,

Conference Organiser



Dog Science Club member



Karina Pintiyskaya is an expert in dog behavior, specializing in working with puppies and adolescents, as well as addressing issues related to aggression, fears, and anxieties in dogs, and issues that may arise between dogs and children. Additionally, Karina offers supervision services to colleagues, as well as helping to prepare both puppies and adult dogs through assistance with adaptation, management, and behavior problem-solving. With over 10 years of experience studying dog behavior, Karina believes in combining science with love. She has taken numerous courses and webinars from recognized experts such as Brian Hare, Turid Rugaas, Karen Pryor, and others. She continues to enhance her qualifications by attending international conferences, workshops, and participating in the Dog Science Club. She is a PDTE friend and IAABC supportive member. Karina also conducts lectures, courses, and webinars for dog owners, runs an educational blog and community for caregivers, and provides supervision for colleagues.

"Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are": How Guardians, Environment, and Society Influence Dog Behavior.

Numerous factors play a significant role in shaping the personality of a puppy. These include genetics, fetal development, the mother dog and her stress levels, the environment in which they are raised (whether it's with breeders, in a shelter, or on the streets), the level of pet-friendliness within the city and country, and the overall tolerance of society. However, one cannot overlook the influence of the dog's guardian and their character and communication style, which can be considered the most influential factor. Science has already confirmed the impact of our parenting style on dogs, and in this presentation, I will aim to demonstrate how the broader society also plays a crucial role.