Sasha Rausch

Applied Animal Behaviorist



Dog Science Club member


Sasha Rausch is a renowned animal behaviorist, known for her book "Secrets of Cats" and hosting the "Zoopsychology" segment on Russia's TV3 video channel. She also manages the @how_to_be_meow blog on Instagram, where she provides expert advice on cat care and training. In addition, she is the caregiver of three beloved pets: Risha the cat, Maya the cat, and Lima the dog. With over a decade of experience in animal behavior, Sasha Rausch has helped countless pet owners understand their pets' behaviors and enhance their pets' quality of life.

Like Cat and Dog! How to Make Pets Get Along

Sasha Raus's presentation will focus on how to successfully introduce a cat and a dog, two types of animals that typically do not get along well. She will share her extensive experience and knowledge to help pet owners make this introduction as safe and comfortable as possible for all family members. During her presentation, she will outline the key aspects and rules that need to be followed when making such an introduction and provide practical tips and recommendations to help avoid conflicts.