Julia Rozova

Applied Animal Behaviorist



Julia Rozova is a specialist in dog and cat behavior, organizer of the Sputnik.dog project, and creator of the first socialization school for puppies and adolescents in Russia. She is also an an associate  member of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and a Tellington TTouch Practitioner 1. Julia helps owners understand their pets' behavior, learn to communicate effectively with them, and solve various behavioral problems.

Don't Touch, It's Mine! Resource Guarding in Puppies and Adolescent Dogs


Julia's presentation will focus on resource guarding in puppies and adolescents. She will discuss the reasons for the development of aggressive dog behavior related to resource guarding and the unique characteristics of this behavior in young dogs. Additionally, she will share advice on how to properly handle aggression towards resources and what mistakes to avoid when working with this behavior in puppies and adolescents. Lastly, Julia will cover the prevention of resource guarding in puppies and adolescents, which should start at a very young age.