Yulia Silvester

Applied Dog Behaviorist,

Conference Organiser



Dog Science Club member



Yulia Sylvester began her career as a volunteer at an animal shelter in France. At the same time, she studied applied animal behavior and specialized in dog behavior at the IFSA institute in France. After that, Yulia began working in private consultations and conducts thematic groups to solve behavioral problems. She is the author of a course on working with hunting behavior and pays special attention to a scientific and humane approach to dog training. Yulia considers it her life's work to popularize this approach among people.

The Bond of Your Dream: Scientifically-Magical Elements that Elevate the Relationship with Your Dog

Yulia Sylvester's presentation will focus on "scientific-magical" methods that can elevate the relationship between dog owners and their furry companions to a new level. Rather than traditional games such as "look at me!" or "sticky dog" that are used to improve contact, Yulia will introduce more effective methods based on the latest scientific research in animal behavior. These methods aim to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and will be more productive in everyday life. Thanks to these innovative techniques, your neighbors who are dog owners will envy the special connection you have with your pet.